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Chinese ATV and motor Scooter Parts Importer. Cosmo Imports LLc. Provides The Best customer service. Cosmo Imports Team has over 25 years of combined experience in the Scooter, ATV and Moped Industry. Cosmo Imports unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value are why our loyal customers won’t go anywhere else. We look forward to serving you!

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Looking for a Chinese ATV or Scooter Part for a repair, a replacement or an ATV or Scooter accessory upgrade, Look no further! Cosmo imports is one of the most up to date and active ATV and Scooter parts and accessory Wholesalers in the United States. Our vast knowledge of the Chinese parts market and knowledge of the units we sell parts for is the reason we can offer the absolute largest selection of Chinese ATV and Scooter Parts and related Chinese ATV and Scooter accessories you’ll find on line anywhere. Not only Do we Import Chinese ATV Parts We also Import Chinese Scooter Parts, Taiwanese Scooter Parts and European Moped Parts.

Cosmo Imports LLc is a Scooter and ATV Import company in Spartanburg South Carolina. Cosmo Imports was founded on the same principals Governed by large Corporations Like Honda and Harley Davidson. Cosmo Imports is now supplying many Dealers, Repair shops, and Distributors with a large variety of 2 Stroke and Four stroke European,Taiwanese,Chinese and Korean Parts . Cosmo Imports also carries several different types of tires, ranging from Atvs to Scooters/Mopeds and Street Bikes. Cosmo Imports warehouse has over 40,000 Square feet.

We ship anywhere in the United states, Puerto Rico or Canada.

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DON’T BE LAZY If you are uncertain about fitment, check the measurements in our catalog and / or our website to be sure. There are many variations of Taiwanese and Chinese engines. We make every effort to clearly mark each part and catalog it correctly. Please be sure to measure the part before you order. We do not guarantee fitment to your specific application. We can only guarantee that the part that we send to you will match our current parts manual or website. Please double check before you order.  ALL SALES FINAL IF PART ORDERED BY DISCRIPTION AND NOT PART NUMBER…



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Tail%20Iights_800[1] Switches_800[1] Starter_Motor_800[1] Springs_Weights_800[1] Shock_800[1] Seals_800[1] Recoils_Starters_800[1] Pads_Shoes_800[1] Mirrors_800[1] img202-10-200-1[1] img190-42-400[1] img164-198c-400[1] img164-93-200[1] img161-81-400[1] img154-26-200[1] img129-34-125[1] img100-144-400[1] Ignition_CDI_800[1] Cylinders_800[1] D63F348A-6495-40D6-8A3D2D04F20BEFDA_medium[1] Exhaust_4_Stroke_800[1] FBC83C31-8EC3-484B-B04774F2CBE6BF84_medium[1] Gaskets_800[1] Head_Lights_800[1] Crankshaft_800[1] Crankcase_800[1] Cams_Parts_800[1] Calipers_800[1] Brake_Assy_800[1] Big_Bore_Kits_800[1]_1 61E823BA-7ABE-485D-9B22B4BD9CEAA1A7_medium[1] 908B6ECE-AAC1-4BD8-B0FC519A4FF116EE_medium[1] Batteries_800[1] Bearings_800[1] Belts_800[1]